“ella” Causes Abortions


On Monday, December 1st, Watson Pharmaceuticals announced that ella, the abortion drug, is now being sold in pharmacies across the country.

Millions of women are at risk for the dangerous side effects of this new abortion drug, and they aren’t even being told about them!

Take Action Now!

 Go  to our “Get the Facts” page to learn from doctors what ella really is.

 Create an education campaign in your community by distributing our ella flyers and bringing speakers in to your local campus or church to talk about this new abortion drug.

 Call your Senators and Congressman (202-224-3121) and ask them to tell the FDA to rescind their approval.

 Ask your local pharmacist not to carry or fill prescriptions for ella.


On Tuesday, October 26th members of the ella Causes Abortion Coalition hosted a webcast to highlight the dangerous effects about ella, the new abortion drug, as well as the abortion-breast cancer link.

Click here to listen to the webcast replay and download the Abortion- Breast Cancer slides presented on the webcast.


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Ask your pharmacy not to carry or distribute ella, the abortion drug!

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Educate your friends and family about ella, the abortion drug!

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